What's your process for creating a philanthropic plan?

Step One: We will will craft short focus statements to be used by you and your advisor in order to articulate your motivations and values, narrow your focus, take complete stock of past giving themes and trends, and clarify your time, talent and social ties as part of your current giving. Step Two: We will work with you and your wealth advisor to draft a giving summary to determine your current philanthropic budget, possible giving vehicles, focus areas for giving, requests from family and friends, and emergency relief dollars if you so choose. We will also conduct due diligence on the organizations you have chosen. Step Three: We will present you with your personalized philanthropic plan consisting of your funding decisions, timeline, vehicles you will utilize, how you define success, next steps for each gift, and a date for when you would like to revisit your plan.

Who pays your fee – the individual or the advisor?

We are paid by the client. Advisors may wish to underwrite the fee to bring value to their existing relationship or may pass the fee along directly to their client.

How long do you work with your clients on their plans?

We may work together for several months or several years. Our goal is to empower everyone we work with to believe they are a thoughtful philanthropist dedicated to making the world a better place.

How much do you charge?

Because we customize our services according to the client's needs, our packages can range from $250 to $5,000. Let's chat through your needs today and we can give you a more accurate estimate.


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Ready to be fully inspired, intentional, and engaged in your giving with a personalized giving plan?

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