We provide customized, intentional giving plans and services for all wealth levels that maximize your time, money, and impact and connect you to the causes you believe in.


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Philanthropic Planning

We provide philanthropic planning for people who want to be more intentional with their giving and volunteering, aligning your charitable dollars and time to create a deeper connection to the causes you believe in. In your planning session we will...

  • Evaluate your current giving and volunteer service

  • Identify ways to be more strategic

  • Set goals for what you are looking to achieve

  • Emerge with a clear vision and understanding of the impact of your plan


We will help you create a clear focus and feel connected to how your giving transforms communities around the world.

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Community Engagement Coaching

We provide personalized community engagement coaching for passionate executives and individuals who desire a strategy on how to best spend their time and energy volunteering. Together we will... 


  • Identify your key reasons for engaging in the community, from business development to personal convictions

  • Connect you to the opportunities that align with your passions, values, and goals

  • Formulate a personalized strategy to maximize your time, energy, and results

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Concierge Service

We provide concierge philanthropic advising for the busy individual or family who values a charitable lifestyle. We will take over the administrative aspects of giving so that you can engage in the parts that are most meaningful to you, whether that’s volunteering or engaging with a cause you believe in.


After your initial consultation, we will create a custom plan for you to follow based on your values and interests. We will oversee all the details to keep your plan on track:

  • Working with your financial advisor

  • Submitting your charitable giving for tax records

  • Recording and reporting the impact

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Throughout the year we host sessions to provide insight and education on a range of topics. These sessions are centered around our core offerings and include:

  • Philanthropic Planning for those who would like to build their own plan.

  • Community Engagement for emerging executives who are looking to integrate volunteering into their business development.

  • Family Engagement for families looking to build deeper bonds.


Ready to be fully inspired, intentional, and engaged in your giving with a personalized giving plan?

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